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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any club rules?

Yes. Guests must agree to be friendly and kind to other guests, volunteers and visitors.

We are an inclusive, tolerant and safe space.

We cannot admit people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



Do you cater for special diets?

Yes – there is always a vegetarian meal option.

Please talk to Caroline if you have any other dietary requirements.


I have a food allergy – what should I do?

Please contact Caroline to discuss your food allergy.

I have to eat soft food because of teeth problems/dysphagia – is this ok?

Yes – we can adapt our meal to make it softer to eat - please contact Caroline to discuss this.

I have a health condition such as diabetes – can you accommodate this?

Yes -please discuss your needs with Caroline in advance so we can cater for you.

I only eat small meals, can this be arranged?

Yes – lots of our guests find their appetites have reduced as they get older.

We can serve you a small meal, or you can opt to miss a course if you prefer.

We can sometimes give you your leftovers to take home in a container.

What if I don’t like to eat something?

We try and accommodate preferences where we can but cannot always guarantee this.

Hopefully there will be a few things you will enjoy eating!


How much does the bus cost?

The transport costs us £10 per person but we fundraise to subsidise this cost so you only pay for your lunch. Donations are always gratefully received!


How do I get a place on the bus?

Please contact Caroline - we have a waiting list as the transport is very popular. She will let you know an approximate wait time. You are welcome to attend lunch club under your own steam/taxi/friend/public transport if you are able to while you wait for a place on our bus to become available.


What if I can’t come one week and I use the bus provided– what should I do?

Please contact Caroline ideally by the Monday before so she can update the drivers pick up list.

What if I am on the transport list but I am unwell or unable to come for a few weeks?

We will try to keep your place on the bus if you are likely to only miss a few lunch club sessions. We do have a waiting list so we can only keep your place for a while. We will always talk to you about it before taking you off the bus list, unless we haven’t heard from you in a while.


I use a walking frame or wheelchair - can the driver come to my front door and help me?

Yes. Our drivers can support you to get onto the bus from your front door. There are tail lifts at the back of the bus if you cannot use the steps.


I live in a block of flats and have to use a lift– can the driver come up to my front door?

Unfortunately no – our drivers must be able to see their bus and it’s passengers at all times.


What time should I arrive and what usually happens at lunch club?

Guests arrive between 11:30 and 11:50 and chose a seat. We serve lunch at 12pm on Tuesdays and 12:30pm on Thursdays. When we have finished serving the food we take the tea and coffee trolley around. This is the point where we celebrate any birthdays in the room, do our weekly raffle draw and have any entertainment. At 1:30 guests are beginning to get ready to go home.


Here are some organisations that provide support for older people and people with learning disabilities in the city.

For further information on the organisations below, click on the images

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